schmoe_AIMer_1:: there was a comment from some SuSE (german linux distro) lead programmer recently about how you almost never got patches from japanese or chinese programmers that were using linux
schmoe_AIMer_1:: it's not that they're not using it
schmoe_AIMer_2:: That's what I meant by "Don't hack, just use"
schmoe_AIMer_2:: "not contributing to the common codebase in a Free-esque manner"
schmoe_AIMer_1:: i don't think they don't hack, though
schmoe_AIMer_1:: i think they just have their own system interally
schmoe_AIMer_2:: Again, to me I meant hack as in positive contributions.
schmoe_AIMer_1:: ok
schmoe_AIMer_2:: I realize you can hack at home, but if you're hacking Free software and it doesn't get back to the Free world, you have a tree that fell in the woods.
schmoe_AIMer_1:: blog it
schmoe_AIMer_2:: Yeah, then you can read it. :)