Uh-oh. Looks like the magic of true web logs have given the folks at the website I panned yesterday the referring page attrib, and they busted me for jumping to conclusions. Now much as I hate sharing personal email, I thought I'd make things "right" and quote a bit of my reply as to why I condemmed skippingdot.net (colon slash slash slashdot dot net) to an existence in dotnet land:

Note that skippingdot.net does not use asp.net or any other .net tech in making their site. I was teeotally in the wrong there.

Here's how I jumped to conclusions:

* You have what looks like that calendar asp.net control everyone and their
brother is writing an article about. Sheesh. Like that should decide that
someone should use asp.net over php [or friends].
* Your menu on the left side of the page is spaced out pretty wacky in NS
4.7 (on Win2k, actually). I'm attaching a screengrab. That's a pretty
common bit from asp.net programmers. "4x isn't 'uplevel'; screw it."
* Iirc, Python is on the .net list. So that recommendation doesn't get you
out of the woods yet. :^)
* The "clincher" for the .net paranoid: Your site's title image is really
freakin out. I've seen that happen in 4x from examples that show how to
make an image on the fly with .Net. AH-HA! Guilty!

I was going to try and figure out what the suffix was for your files, but
got lazy and condemmed you to hell anyhow. Sorry about that.

Just goes to show, when a blog falls in the woods, it does apparently make a sound.