Well, the prolificness of my blog has slowed down somewhat. I had what I thought was a pretty decent post to /. modded down from 2 to 4 to 1 that I'll link to once my DNS lets me back to /..

Been working on Java projects at home. Quick thoughts.

* Netbeans runs very well on a 1.8 GHz P4. Less good on .5 GHz G3. ;^)

* Sourceforge has some great ideas in the very very early stages, but ultimately isn't too useful to me. For instance, I'd like to make a good email client, but I'm not rich enough to do it for free. This makes Columba less than a good idea b/c it's GPL'd. Other bits, like a IRC client in Java, are started, but things like RelayChat and friends, though thankfully under MPL, usually have the following line in their description: " * Development Status: 4 - Beta"

This makes Sourceforge a good place for people to come together to find software they'd like to work on (on which they'd like to work), but less good as far as someplace to go for open/free/Free code that is immediately ready to drop into your app.

This sounds selfish, but my beef is that it's typically quicker for me to write code I trust than for me to clean up someone else's. If sf had good, ready to deploy code under LGPL, I'd be happy to use it, credit it, and, when I needed an extra feature, enhance it. B/c sf has both non-LGPL (or MPL, etc, but I think LGPL is the best license for making sure people return their improvements to your code) and, largely, beta code, the amount of useful, implementable solutions and improvements that come out of passive collaboration (what sf is all about, I think) due to sf is much, much lower than it could be.

Course the only way to fix this is to fix beta code or to LGPL yours. Guess I'm just too selfish, as I said before, to jump on that bandwagon just yet.