I'm thinking .NET's common lang runtime (CLR) or whatever it's called now is an attempt to out-Java Java. Think about it -- what does Java do arguably better than anyone? GUIfide'd apps like limewire.org or server middleware that tends to spit its output to html or jsp files or faceless console apps (System.out.println)?

Why isn't Microsoft making plans to port Windows Forms (for you Java programmers, let's say it's the "native" (though that's not quite right - native to .NET?) set of GUI widgets that parallels Swing -- but is horribly more intuitive) to BSD? They don't need to. They only have to get programmers to make the faceless middleware on their current server hardware. The clients that best access this jive will be Windows clients, and after programmers get used to these shortcuts (aka VB.NET) can the servers be far behind?

Another ramblin' vomit from your friendly neighborhood blogger.