625 top 7.8% 0:02.71 1 14 14 216K 244K 456K 1.37M
618 tcsh 0.0% 0:00.24 1 24 16 464K 572K 940K 5.74M
617 Terminal 0.0% 0:03.04 4 68 108 1.73M 3.93M 5.51M 59.5M
616 TruBlueEnv 7.8% 2:52.62 17 174 197 20.9M 8.97M 29.5M 1.06G
573 SETI@home_ 65.7% 14:18:03 2 56 144 18.3M 7.25M 23.3M 79.2M

Have you ever run "top" in your Mac OS X Terminal and wondered what the heck "TruBlueEnv" was? It's apparently Classic, and the ref to "blue" seems to be to the age-old notion that Classic was going to be called the "blue box" in the next version of MacOS. Not quite a googlewhack, (though it's easy to make one,if you ignore the fact that since TruBlueEnv isn't in the dictionary yet, it doesn't really count) but not a real commonly known fact yet either, according to Google.