Another episode of Randmo AIMing, only slightly edited...

randmo AIMer1: the mozilla love-in continues unabated
randmo AIMer2: I think the question about free software being a good thing b/c it's the only competition MS experiences in some markets comes back to mind. I mean, has MS "won the game of capitalism" to the point that the only way to beat it is to completely change the economics of software development? Isn't that pretty much as close to the embodiment of a monopoly as you can get? The only way to compete is to pull some Kirkian "I'll reprogram the simulation" move?
randmo AIMer1: that's what they call "disruptive technology" i think
randmo AIMer2: Fun to read an article like this again. Been a while.

And at the same time, discourse on the horrible lot47 "Flash-enabled" commercial found on that page, again slightly edited [this time for our younger viewers]:

randmo AIMer2: [FN-smack], what kinda commercial is that?
randmo AIMer1: sorry. i saw that too. was *not* that when i read it late last night :^\
randmo AIMer2: They're having [an active sleep-over], for heaven's sake. And I think I see body innards.
randmo AIMer1: i think the message is clear, though: use mozilla, become a SEXY VAMPIRE
randmo AIMer2: It's on both pages *cringe* she's [FN] bloody. *ICK*
randmo AIMer1: sorry i think this is part of salon's plan to get us to subscribe^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hnever go to their site again, except via google's cache