I'd been installing Mozilla at work with the "browser only" option, continuing to use Netscape 4.7 (the only "officially supported" email client by the admin guys) b/c Mozilla 0.7 or therebouts didn't import my local folders from NS.

Well, I tried the full install of Moz 0.9.9 today on a lark and it's all fixed. I've been using Moz at home on Windows for email for a while, and it looks like it's finally ready for the big time. My shortcuts to NS 4.7 are gone.

But the "almost blog-worthy" part is this -- I probably won't be viewing nearly as many sites in NS 4.7 anymore. Used to be I'd get a link in an email and at least try 4.7 b/c it saved a few alt-tabs. Now that I've moved on to Moz .9.9 myself, I'm rethinking the whole "should my web pages support NS 4.7 issue" again.

[update 3/18/02 -- Not so fast. Moz 0.9.9 has a pretty serious address book bug, and lost two local subfolders. I've since updated to a semi-random, post 0.9.9 nightly, which seems to be working a bit better. Still not quite "enterprise-ready", but certainly good enough for me to use daily.]