Windows 2000 Professional comes with "Internet Information Server 5.0" (aka IIS 5.0), which is Microsoft's web server o' choice and the "N" in .NET (okay, I made that up). Why would you want the much more expensive Win2k Server if you already have IIS on the "hundreds less" Win2k Pro? Lemme tell ya!

With Win2k Pro, you're only allowed one client at a time hitting your site. That's okay by me -- still good for testing and development and for sharing files over your intranet. But get this -- if you have a frameset with more than one .asp(x) page in it, 2k Pro's IIS will notice that two pages are being pulled down at once and balk with an "HTTP 403.9 - Access Forbidden: Too many users are connected" error. Goodness.

Not incredibly informative, but yet another mini-rant that helps one think about the benefits of Apache. :^)