Though I haven't spent more than a few minutes looking around, this Fusebox Web Application Standard seems to be a relatively interesting idea. Not too many people using it, it'd seem, and their specs are for ColdFusion and php (not exactly the mainstays of business logic -- I'd nominate asp/ and jsp for that award), but the logic seems good.

They seem to be saying, "Fuseboxes are a good metaphor for web app programming. Every room and/or utility in a house is hooked up to one fuse, and when that fuse goes out the rest of the house still has power." It's good for programmers to plan modular code. If nothing works when one piece of code is moved or blows up, you're often in trouble -- and you've got a bad app.

At the same time, repeated code is pretty silly, which is one of the reasons I like [which makes it painfully easy to share code]. I'll have to see if these fusebox folk have the "right" middle road.

Anyhow, somewhat interesting.