Another possible addition to the Open Source Software recommended list: Virtual Dub.

I've seen this referred to again and again as the way to make a great video file on Windows. I haven't used it, and honestly don't even know what a "Video for Windows" device is, but if my DV camera is I'll give it a whirl once my Firewire card comes in for my Mac (that is, it's a PCI card and oughta work in a WinPC as well).

In Appleland, iMovie & Quicktime are the only mature video editing apps. From everything I've heard and seen at this site, Virutal Dub is their equal on Windows. So now we're up to gvim, GIMP (not as nice as on OS X, though), Mozilla, SharpDevelop (though it's not progressing quite like I'd've hoped), and Virtual Dub for Free as in "not just as in beer" software on Windows. Not bad.