Been looking at ways to get html into Swing (Java). Usenet came up pretty empty on this one, but there are some okay links at various proverbial institutions of higher learning. The basic trick seems to be adding a hand for your cursor when you get to a link.

* Adding a hand for your cursor when you get to a link
* Swing Tut at Johns Hopkins (I like this one b/c the guy has the guts to make the browser example nav to his geeky home page by default -- and it's well done)
* Simple Editor -- WYSIWYG html editors made in Java seem to be some sort of Holy Grail. This one does simple text, but could be a start.
* Display images using JEditorPane -- Claims to get you "on your way to writing your own WYSIWYG HTML editor!" Yeah, right.

Hrm. I had other pages open... gotta remember to get links before closing windows. In other news, being an old-time Mac user I really enjoy Mozilla's ability to close a tab or window with "Ctrl-W". Sweet.