Okay, just downloaded my newest "critical updates" for Windows 2000 which consisted of another buffer overflow fix and security updates for Windows Media Player 7.1. I don't use Media Player much here at work, but what the heck, figured it was worth fixing. You never know which incestuous dll is required to type "Fred" in Notepad.

Welp, quick complaint is that this security update put the Windows Media Player icon back on my desktop and in my taskbar. The second, though admittedly a very easy thing to fix, was especially annoying as it caused my taskbar to wrap and lose about three icons I use weekly or so.

Again, by itself a minor annoyance, but why are these installed as part of a security fix? And no, adding RealPlayer icons along with the WMP icons isn't a good fix. :^) Can it be long before Bonzi Buddy is considered important security prevention software?