Phew, the 11th's post was a ramble.

In other alternative browser news, I've downloaded OmniWeb from the OmniGroup again. I have to say, this Mac OS X-only browser really has come a long ways since version 4.0.6 (it's 4.1 now). CSS support is much stronger, it renders to the screen more quickly than Mozilla (and maybe IE? Could just be me), and has a nice interface, though I miss tabbed browsing.

Perhaps the neatest feature I've found so far is it's spellcheck. Any text in any textbox is run through the spellchecker (which I'm pretty sure you can turn off), and underlined in dashed red as you type if it doesn't pass muster. It's an obvious feature for any browser, but I've never even heard of it in another browser. Heck, Mozilla 1.0 didn't even have spellcheck in its email.