Pretty funny quote from yet another Joel on Software blog.

... maybe you're [selling your software] in a niche like graphics where it seems like Macs dominate (they don't, it just seems that way because the elite graphics people in big American cities use Macs); ...

You know, I bet he's right. The more likely people are to want to look cool, the more likely they have a Mac. Me included, I'm sure, sad as it is. Buying into all that Think Different (R) crap.

Visited a friend's office once, and the CEO of this aeronautical engineering office had an Apple cube on his desk. Sure it looked cool, but I already wondered what kind of "real work" they were doing (or at least that the CEO was doing, which, natch, he wasn't). Let's all guess why he had a Mac on his desk.

Anyhow, funny quote.