My "Linux-using friend" has given me the link to an introduction to regular expressions several times, and I keep misplacing it. Well, here it is someplace where at least I can't lose it. Blogger or Blogspot might, but I'm not.

This should stop me from using crappy code like...
for(int i=0;i<intOneDot;i++) { // make sure we've got nothing but whitespace before "1."

   booAllWhiteSpace = booAllWhiteSpace && (strLine.charAt(i) == (char)32 || strLine.charAt(i) == (char)9);


If there's one bad habit VB 6 left me with, it's the over-dependence on its cheeseball string search functions like "inStr" and "replace". Of course, one of the first things I'll probably write once I've got regexp down fairly well is an object (using Java right now) that has these cheeseball functions in it.