Though the lists are often full of advertising and self-serving posts, the lists do turn up some useful information.

Most recently there have been a few posts referring to web services up at XMethods. The two latest references have been for eBay and Babelfish web services.

I'm a pretty big fan of web methods/services. Even though they use some rather bloated standards (have you ever really looked at what SOAP does, you VS.NET addicts? Why we don't at least use XML-PRC instead, I don't know), they are standards, and web-services make well-coded applications available to anyone using any platform to code the client-side or middleware. Sure, people can still charge for web services; we're not talking "free" here, necessarily (though right now often that's the situation), but the technology's awfully good.

If you can't make your source open, make the interfaces to your code open (however bloated). That's what web services are all about.