As another update to yesterday's longest blog (that is, the blog that doesn't mention clean underwear), it looks like advertising ain't cheap. Since my new app is written in Java, I can release most anywhere I want. My tentative plan is to release on OS X only at first and hope to scoop up a few schmoes who can help me get the app to be completely consumer ready. No matter how good an app you think you have, a user will always find something wrong -- which is a good thing.

At any rate, the "Apple Developer Connection" newsletter recently announced a special advertising rate for OS X software in conjunction with Macworld. Here are the details:

Macworld offer:
* 1/8 page in the Mac OS X Showcase section for 3 month period
Macintosh Products Guide offer:
* 1 Product Spotlight ad for 3 month period
* 1 Product Description Page ad for 12 month period
* U.S. $4,000 for entire program*

Sheesh, what a deal! Four grand to have an [admittedly decent sized] advert in Macworld in a section that's easy to gloss over for three months, plus some relatively obscure space on the Apple website.

As an advertising idiot, I have no idea if that's a good price or not. The scary bit is that, once you have a decent app, four grand probably really isn't all that much for advertising. Until you have the money for the ante, you can't play at the high-stakes table, I suppose.

And as a final unrelated note, Mozilla 1.0.1, though a bit slow, is a great browser on a 240 MHz G3 Mac with 96 megs of RAM and OS 8.6. Jobs may think Mac Classic is dead, but as I've said before, luckily the folk at the Moz project don't yet agree.