Dang it. Lost my blog entry. Here it is, recreated Llama-style.

Mission statements like, “Be useful” are useless. Useful how? Include adjectives you intend to measure. I replaced my resume “goal” with a motto/mission statement: “Maintainable, modular, documented, high-quality code delivered in a timely, customer-oriented fashion.” Each adjective cries out for a few metrics. A little cheesy, but a heck of a lot better than, “Be the most useful employee for my employer.” Beware of places that just strive to be [non-committal adjective here].

Sun’s online Java Tutorial is updating after all. I kept thinking I’d caught a little change/tweak here and there, but small enough I wondered if I was crazy. When I saw this quote, I knew I wasn’t (at least not b/c of noticing these changes):

Run RadioButtonDemo using Java Web Start.

Sun used to have 1.0 and 1.1 versions of examples like this in applets. Nice to see they’ve finally given that straightjacketing technology up for JWS. Browsers were too constraining. JWS busts out of the browser and does you one better. Now the browser is a relatively xplat delivery tool. Very nice.