Okay, I'm not going to get too terribly upset, but when I read this about an email list I'm signing up for:

To receive an occasional message when I write a major new article, please subscribe to my spam-free mailing list.

I don't expect it to contain things like this:

FogBUGZ 3.0 is now shipping! This is a really huge upgrade;
FogBUGZ moves up from being a simple bug tracking package to a
rather robust management system that handles the entire development
process. Check it out; there's a free online demo.


One last thing. Over the next year I will be writing a column for
the Programmer's Paradise catalog (a mail order catalog chock full
of programming tools and other goodies). Basically, it will be a
monthly shorter version of Joel On Software with all new articles,
with a bit of an emphasis on the cool software you can use to make

If you want to read the new articles, and you're in North America,
you can subscribe to the catalog for free at this link:


Rest assured if you ever sign up for a "spam-free" email reminder for when I post new worthless drivel to this blog, you won't be getting advertisements within, not even for my own company, as if that somehow made the spam less spammy.