Perhaps the neatest feature of Safari, and one that I now couldn't live without, it seems, is the ability to go to pages on your bookmarks bar by hitting Apple-[1-9] to automatically go to that page. Makes the day's surfing quite a bit easier. Apple-1 and I'm at cnn, Apple-2 and I'm at the Washington Post, etc. Okay, okay, Apple-1 & 2 point towards Java tutorials and Apple-6 is to the Washington Post -- Redskins page. But the point stands. It's an easy way to navigate, and I'm sure it's been done before, but this is the first time I've started using it. Very nice.

And the browser's fast enough that's one extra piece of my daily suite of tools that no longer makes me thing, "OS X is so danged slow, there's no way I can justify buying another Mac." Soon as they get tabbed browsing and fully realized keyboard transversal of html form elements, it's going to be a hard browser to beat.