Appleworks 6 is a nearly worthless application. This is something of an about-face for me. I've always enjoyed using Apple/ClarisWorks since MacWrite until now, but it's always been mostly because it gave me a no-nonsense word processor with Word compatibility. Well, now that's all it is, because an app as simple as Apple's TextEdit edits rtf's fairly well. If you remember my rtf rant from a while back, you'll know the format isn't exactly as xplat as it should be, but between TextEdit and WordPad (on Windows) who really needs a fancy, $100-$300 word processor any more?

Does anyone remember typewriters (or at least SpeedScript)? I'm a little tired of Word's grammar rules anyhow. Look, help me spell, but much more than that is cheating anyhow.

About the only thing Appleworks is good for is reading an Excel or Word file when you happen to catch one online. Now that I've blasted my OS 9 partition for time being, and with it Appleworks 6 (Carbon), I'm finding there are plenty of good stand-ins for that as well.