A couple of links I found while cleaning out ye olde inbox.

How to use security certificates with vba -- These aren't legitimate purchased certs, so they're untrusted, but for testing and even for deployment in an unprofessional fashion, quite useful.

[see note below -- 3/11/2003] And perhaps the longest random post I've ever seen on USENET, that's actually quite funny. Can't say I've read it all...
PRACTICAL DECONSTRUCTIVE CODING, an essay in the critical theory of computer science, Edward G. Nilges 11-16-2001

[I don't like to edit posts I've already made, but in this case I will add a quick addendum. It turns out, upon further inspection, Mr. Nilges was not trying to be either funny or random, but is quite serious. I believe the following quote (quoted by Mr. Nilges in the post above) cuts to the quick of his point:

"Human beings are the subjects of their world and not just its objects."


I think the point is well taken, and one that I hope to study some more in the future. Mr. Nilges critiques current software development practices in that they really do treat the programmer as an object and not a person. I'm not going to pretend I see all of the facets of his arguement, but I do think simply the fact that I feel I don't have time to research these posts, and would instead continue googling for how to make widget X in VB6 does nothing but support his point.]