Fired up WinXP yesterday or the day before and got a message saying it wanted to move all the icons I had on my desktop that I hadn't used (including IE!) to a folder to unclutter the real estate. I said yes, of course. Nice little "every corner tucked" feature there.

The Yellow Dog Linux experiment continued a little today, not wrt Java (that was a total loss; need faster hardware, I guess) but with Mac-On-Linux, which allows you to run OS X in a window inside of Linux. Now that'd be neat. Unfortunately installation didn't go as hoped the first try (told you I was a Linux illiterate) so it's shelved for now.

If I could get mol working and YDL was more laptop friendly (not even a battery meter that I can see! I'm scared to see what putting it to sleep would do. Doesn't video mirror to my monitor with the iBook 2001 either), I could see using Linux a bit more often. As I hinted at last time, the speed of everything but Java is quite a bit quicker than what's going on in OS X. iPhoto would be about the only thing my family would miss, and hopefuilly mol could have that covered.