From here:
I'm getting the chance to do things the way I think they should be in an IRC client, and the ease of C# code means I can afford to spend more time in the "sugar" like custom widgets that make for a more complete user experience. Once again, it makes extensive use of existing technologies: Acacia uses Thresher, an excellent IRC library for .NET. It's interesting to note that the author released his (X11 licensed) code only with Microsoft's .NET implementation in mind, yet it runs today on Mono without modification.

Aside from the "sugar" reference, this is a very good thing. The Mono project is pretty neat, aside from being named after a pretty uncomfortable disease, but I do wonder how long before Mono 1.0 is out, and how old .NET 1.0 will be by then and how much longer before MS releases The Next Great Thing. What's the overlap going to be between the two implementations of the standards? And will MS pull an, "Embrace me and I'll flee!" once Mono is mature?

In other news, I'm waiting for Blogger to work again. Though the posts seem to be getting out, I get errors anytime I post or publish archives, and I can't edit my template. Big fun. This Google buy-out ROCKS.