From Maccentral:
System requirements for iMovie 3.0.2 call for a G3/700MHz or faster; 256MB RAM; Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later; QuickTime 6.1 or later; and 1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher.

And there you have it. Not two years after its purchase, my once brand-spankin' new iBook is already out of date even by Apple's standards. Hey, I can understand that it won't play Doom 3. But it's somewhat hard to believe I'm already kicked out of iMovie country.

Buy or bye. The Apple way.

Update: Well, at least Software Update tells me that's a recommended processor speed. Still, to think Apple's pitching over my iBook's head already is still scary. Ever read the sys reqs for Windows 2000 or Office 2000? It's hard to find an x86 box that can't run them.