from this article posted on /.:
But I held one last shot in my arsenal, which I thought was going to be a sure showstopper. I wanted to remotely log into our office network using the VPN over the Internet and our corporate Wireless LAN. I was astounded to find that this worked the very first time. Not only did it access the network, but I could assess both our Windows and UNIX servers with NFS and CIFS from the same laptop. Could this be too good to be true?

This corporate manager has found out exactly what I've been saying, but even I didn't know how easy it was to hook up OS X using a VPN. That, of course, is that OS X with its available software is the perfect PC for true Personal Computing. It's easy to use. It's stable. The applications work well. It even has a Microsoft-endorsed version of Office that runs on it.

There is no better OS for typical personal computing tasks. Once you become a true power user -- or at least a programmer -- OS X has some real drawbacks (like slow Java performance and (like it or not, much more importantly) no .NET support unless you count the Mono project). And gaming sucks if you're a hardcore gamer. I'll admit that. But for those who aren't programmers or more than casual gamers, I'd challenge anyone to show me how OS X is inferior to Windows in meaningful ways (ie, less programs doesn't count).