Welp, stumbled over the gump project over on Apache. Ironicly, its mission is pretty much the opposite of what its existence brought to mind. When I see all these "cleverly" named projects running around all over, some of which might be useful iff tens of thousands of people used it and it actually became a standard, I always picture all these small groups pounding keyboards to create ideals that will never really be used outside of their small community. The Apache community might be larger than some, but I wonder what percentage actually make it out of the testing stage.

At any rate, you'll find the following fairly cheesey quote on their site, And most significantly to me - the wisdom passed on from Gump's mother that "Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you are going to get!". Well, here's what she forgot: That's only because the people responsible forgot to document/comment the freaking chocolates! Be smarter than the people who make Momma Gump's freaking chocolates. Please.