1.) I don't think this is going to work, if the rumor's true.

2.) Was sent two MS Word docs today. Finally got the iBook printing and didn't care to hook up the XP box (which is a flight of stairs away as well), but I don't have Word on the Mac. What to do?!!

That's easy! Download Apple's port of X11 and then download Abiword. Abiword has some trouble printing [on Mac OS X through X11], but will open a .doc and will save it to .rtf. Open .rtf in TextEdit and poof! "Free" .doc printing.

Might not sound like the most direct way to print out your .doc files, but since I had plenty to do while things were downloading and installing, it was really pretty pain-free. Just one quick step away from opening .docs in TextEdit, and "no" steps away from viewing the .docs on the screen. Open source on Mac strikes again.