Ah, also meant to say I think I'm switching free ftp client, while we're on the subject of good free software like Wocar and Cygwin-like jive. I've been using LeechFTP, which is a free client for Windows that hasn't been developed for quite some time now (years). Rather, it's now Bitbeamer or something similar and costs money. Good client. Some errors are in German and there's often an error on startup as it tries to find its update server (probably some way to turn that off). And worst of all, occasionally with very long transfers I get some errors.

I'm going to start using FileZilla now, I believe. MIT endorses it, at least implicitly, and it seems feature-complete. Another neat homespun app that wasn't released as commercial software b/c there was "too much competition" already. Wish somebody would take that tack on MacOS, but c'est la vie. There are several decent Java-based ftp clients, but none have screamed, "polished final product" like FileZilla and leechftp (leech is almost there, so not really screaming) do.