I believe the thing that needs the most innovation in contemporary computer OSs is file navigation. I *think* MS is on the right track by using SQL Server to keep track of files. If I want to go to a folder called, "myProject_1", there should be some way to hit a key-combo (that says, "find dir") and then type in "myProj" and see everything that starts with "myProj" as if I were Googling my directory hierarchy.

The quickest I can do it now is in Windows Explorer (or, if I know the whole path, Windows-R), alt-D to open a location, and start typing, "C:\dir1\dir2\dir3\myProject...". No search, no nothing.

You should also be able to jump to a recently used folder with a simple keystroke combo.

Same thing with applications. Apple's app bundles are a good first step of treating apps and folders equally.

Somebody do all this in Linux before it's patented. Or I should hack it in VB, I guess. And then get sued b/c somebody already patented it.