New iTunes is neat. A decent amount of "Apple-owner type" music in there. Sheryl Crow, Sting, some pop crap. Also a ton of Allman Brothers, which was surprising. Some require you to buy an album at once (can't get the 33 minute Mountain Jam for 99¢, dang it), others have ye olde 99¢ price tag, which I'm going to go ahead and predict goes up quite a bit within six months. I might grab one of the Sting "exculsives" for the hell of trying the new music store out. Many top notch bands are missing, however. Rolling Stones aren't there. No Madonna. No Kool Moe Dee.

iTunes 4 still sucks up 15-35% of my G3 when playing tunes.

When they added the "Shop" button to Mozilla and called it "Netscape", I was upset. Not so with iTunes, yet. This really does seem to be Napster done right. 30 second previews for free, CD quality songs for 99¢... even a decent (if not great) selection.

Each artist also has a pretty fancy "home page" with all their offerings listed, and even links to videos. That part is very well done, so far.

Once the price goes up and the pop-ups start, however, sign me off.

I was also imporessed with the front page of the store. Embedded Safari, you think? Looks like Apple finally figured out the power of a browser in their apps.

At any rate, worth a download as is.