Quote quoted in a Maccentral article, taking on the perception that 99¢ per song is too much in Apple's new music service:
"At the end of the day Apple is not going to stop music piracy on its own. People that want everything for free and are not willing to pay a penny for their music are not going to go with this service. But they aren't going to go with it at $0.50 a song or $0.10 a song -- there is no sweet spot for those people."

I think that's important. You're simply not going to convince many pirates to spend a dime on legit music downloads. Free is free. Similar to my thoughts on having your trialware app cracked, I'm not sure going through great pains to introduce any amount of trouble for pirates to use illegit 0's and 1's is going to increase your revenue significantly.

You're not trying to make your service attractive to pirates. You're trying to make money from people who will actually pay it.