Though O'Reilly's history followed a UNIX/open source path with its first few books, they've quickly found that there's dough to be had in the Microsoft world. This article at O'Reilly's ondotnet site is a real break from the O'R tradition. Here we have some MS sellout quoting Bill Gates on security, even if slightly tongue in cheek, and, much worse, embracing and extending a word for heaven's sake.

Remember Apple's rendezvous standard? With the above article on .NET, the author abstracts what Apple's Rendezvous does and talks about a more generic "rendezvous problem". He's deflating Apple's standard, and making .NET programmers who have read his article use a totally different lexicon than those trying to use Apple's Rendezvous for discovery-based networking/app communication.

This has no place in a "tutorial site". I'd understand if MS threw out the smoke screen; they make money by beating competitors. But what motavation has this author got to obscure technologies like this? Tutorials should be written to make programming easier in every aspect of their content, not confuse schmoes. Save that for the MS propaganda.