Lest anyone think I'm talking about them, I'm not specifically. Instead I'd like to introduce the generic topic of "delivery". By this I mean delivery to clients, delivery to coworkers, delivery to management, any delivery of any content, spoken or coded or written.

Don't be Zod.

Evilness aside, what's the difference between Zod and Superman? (sorry; have forgotten Superman's Krypton-name. Jor-El or something) Delivery. Superman never asks for people to bow before them and -- guess what? -- they want to! Zod makes Clark do it and guess what? That same blind ego that makes Zod scream things like, "Bow before Zod," has already caused Zod to fall into a trap where he's lost his yellow-sun powers or whatever the heck's going on where he gets to fly and use heat vision.

It's a cheesy comparison, but an important one. Ego apparent in your delivery makes you Zod. Think Superman isn't egotistical? Au contraire, mon frere! Heck, he reverses time just to bring back his girlfriend, the selfish punk. It's all in the presentation. (Not that I'm some Zodless saint, but at least I have some measure of perception here. ;^D)