A little while back I mentioned a hack called QuoteFix that handles plain text quoting in Microsoft's Outlook email client (works fairly well!), and complained that I couldn't believe Microsoft's PD budget couldn't have included this "feature" by default, as so many other mail handlers already handle plain text quoting with line prefixes without any trouble at all. Heck, steal from Mozilla if you have to, Microsoft!

Just to rant about another problem I've had with Outlook, if you do quote by prefix, for some reason Outlook says it can't *not* spellcheck the quoted portion. Now that's just silly. If it's not got "------ Original Message ------" in there somewhere, for some reason Microsoft decided it simply wasn't worth catching.

I can't only hope the newest version of Outlook (I'm mandated to use 2k at work) has fixed this crap.

In other news, my giant "note to self" which is freakinname is nearly at 6000 hits. Though almost certainly 30% or more of those are my own, many come from people on Google searching for a few topics that this site pretends to cover. Woohoo! And to anybody who actually reads regularly, hope it's better than a strong kick in the face, at least.

Also nice to see that Google's gotten the ads for Blogger targetted to the site's content. No HotBabe67 ads here! Just pure rocking geeked-out 0's and 1's-related ads now. It's almost useful.