Talk about impressive. Just threw a lot of Futhurnet tunes into iTunes 4 and what did I wander past? That's right... The Music Store. After a little shopping around, I sure nuff found an album I'd like to get. Took me all of three minutes (Flatt & Scruggs, The Complete Mercury Recordings -- can't wait for the link to say, "People who bought this album also bought... The Sinister Urge by Rob Zombie). I'm about three clicks away from purchasing it thanks to the iTunes/Music Store set-up. But I've already purchased an album this month, and I probably haven't purchased more than an album or two a year the last few years. I'm afraid this easily accessible Music Store could be addictive. Cheaper than the store, and a quick CD-R away from the stereo.

I meant to buy Apple stock before the iMac came out and didn't and still regret it. I'm buying Apple stock this time. iTunes for Windows is going to hit big in the long run.