Joel finally moves to Mozilla (by way of Firebird). Bout time. Just for the type-ahead find, I've been using Mozilla more out of utility than principle for a while now. Even when I go to MSDN I've been using Moz recently.

Quick quote:
the Mozilla Firebird browser has finally caught up with Internet Explorer. After downloading virtually every Mozilla release over the last three years, this is the first browser I'm actually going to make my default web browser. All the little problems are fixed. It loads fast. It's not ugly and clunky. My beloved Alt+D/Ctrl+Enter work perfectly. NT challenge/response authentication is supported.

More interesting is Joel's slant later on why the AOL/IE licensing deal is important (something I questioned in a recent /. post of mine)...

I suppose one possibility [of why AOL's "free IE licensing"] is that Microsoft plans to not make IE available to all developers as a component in some future operating system, and AOL wants to make sure that won't affect them.

Also thought it was interesting Joel mentioned the ActiveX Moz project I thought was so neat a while back (a little buggy when I last tried it about a year ago, but a neat concept). The Object Model just like the MS Internet Control. As Joel points out, if the MSIC becomes licensed, this Moz/ActiveX work becomes much more important. Wonder if Apple will do the same [ie, license] with Safari?