Though I remember hearing about it a while back, I still haven't played with the JavaBean to ActiveX Bridge provided by Sun. At some point, I should.

In other news, I got word from the president of REALbasic software that they were looking at ways to get REALbasic dll's compiled for Windows. This would allow you to reuse REALbasic logic on Mac and Windows, which would be a huge boon. There's so much you can do awfully easy in Windows by including its host of COM-compliant objects (1st & 3rd party), and having a feature-enhanced Windows release (or, rather, share a good portion of your code on the Mac) would be super. RB dll's would also allow you to use REALbasic objects with .NET with COM-interop, which would be great.

But until it shows up, I'll continue to hold onto my $300.