The Digest Handler is out, and I've pimped it on at least one email list where I was fortunate enough to have someone ask, "What application do you use to read email lists?"

A couple of observations in this first 48 hours of release...

One, at least one person who has downloaded seems to have thought that the application was a REALbasic application. I think this shows how well the Apple Java team have integrated Java tools with the OS. Your apps, when using the Aqua Look & Feel, really do appear to be native. Very nice.

Second, for some reason I'm being flooded by new ideas springing into my head how users will want to use the app. They'll want search, threading, more robust email handling (possibly to the point I have a real mail handler), Address Book support, etc. I use The Digest Handler every day. Though I'd argue that it's hardly free for me -- I have spent months of time on it -- if I want a new feature, I add it. That's exactly how free software works, but isn't the way commercial software works. It's also why people deal with poor free software and don't purchase highly superior, at times, commercial apps that do something similar. You can't just have a better product, it has to be, in this case, visibly $17.50 better than the free competition. Obviously if you save three hours a month with The Digest Handler it's worth more than $17.50, but to someone trying it out for a week, they might not notice if I do add features above and beyond the proverbial call of duty.

Anyhow, ramble off. If you have OS X, give it a shot. :^)