Last bit... I complained a while back about how screen resolution can make development difficult in certain IDEs. Well, after seeing someone who didn't use the multi-document interface for VB6 the issue is really MDI!

Look in Visual Basic 6's Tools menu and select Options. Go to the Advanced tab. Check the box for SDI.

This is how VB3 worked by default, and now the windows don't compete for space. Not the most keyboard friendly set up, but VB never was. What's important is that now each window can take up the entire screen. Very nice. And there are keystrokes for getting to the windows that you used to think you needed to see all of the time. Makes my argument moot-er.

You might print out a screengrab of the View menu item, and you'll want to make sure you minimize all other windows before starting. You cannot alt-tab to different screens in the IDE, which sucks, but it is, ultimately, very nice.