I got a comment from Edward Nilges a while back that said that IDEs should include word processors for commenting code. He was bang-on the money.

Coders sometimes use the fact that block comments are hard to maintain -- aesthetic-wise -- so they shouldn't be used. No flowerboxes, etc. The code changes and the comments don't because it's too hard to keep everything looking pretty.

The Eclipse and even VB6 IDEs have a tiny bit of code to help add flowerboxes a little bit more easily, Eclipse going so far as to help wrap lines and add comment delimiters as you type. But a good word processor really would be a welcome addition; as soon as you begin commenting *poof*, you're able to add whatever you need to help someone read the code. Very little code is actually "self-commenting".

The point is that code doesn't need to be this strange, idealistic form of pure logic (if you can call what some of us bang out logic). We're humans, dang it, and need to remember that when creating our products, tangible or no.