I suppose when I keep lightly slamming Mozilla for being a money-grubbing, corporation dependant project, I'm trying to say, give or take, exactly what's said in this interview:ONLamp.com: Guido van Rossum Speaks [Aug. 14, 2003]

"ORN: Do you think that the open source development model has proved itself as a viable alternative to proprietary methods? Can the cathedral coexist with the bazaar?

GvR: Open source development methods have absolutely proved themselves, and I don't think there's any immediate likelihood that the cathedral will be demolished. However, among open source projects, I'm a fan of those that are consciously run with a bazaar-style model.

The projects where there are a lot of programmers paid by a particular company, whether it's Netscape with Mozilla or Sun with Open Office, even though they claim a lot of success in terms of downloads, are extremely hard for the average programmer to make a contribution because the code base is so enormous, and the learning curve is therefore rather steep.

Projects that started out as grassroots, like Python, have developed more of a community and a process that makes it much more acceptable."