Java on the desktop is finally getting exciting. Between the new Mad Hatter business desktop platform and 1.4.2's Version Note: Release 1.4.2 introduces two look and feels: GTK and Microsoft Windows XP,, I think we're getting somewhere (though I can only hope this doesn't mean we're losing Motif! (ha, ha)).

In other news, I broke down and threw a load of money at a new Mac. And to further prove I'm not a power Mac user, though I'd think I would've qualified, I got an older flatscreen iMac. I know, I know, what kinda idiot doesn't get a G5? But the screen is great, the speed's pretty good (iTunes mp3 importing is incredible!), and the price was much "righter" with the recent iMac speed bump. Finally, Java programming on OS X without feeling like you're watching the grass grow. And as I tend to upgrade every two-three years anyhow, I think the box (well, "dome") will fit the bill nicely.