From an article linked to by /.:

Attorney Dana Taschner of Newport Beach, California, filed the lawsuit [against Microsoft] on behalf of Marcy Levitas Hamilton, a film editor and "garden variety" PC user who had her social security number and bank details stolen over the Internet.

"Something fundamental has to change to protect consumers and businesses," Taschner said.

How many things are wrong with this picture? You can't just grab a computer and leave it on the Internet. Doesn't anyone watch the AOL commercials when the wall to your home crashes open when you plug in the box? You can't leave your SSN sitting around on a sign posted in your Window! You can't tatoo your bank acct number on your forehead and expect people not to see it. You can't leave the keys in a running car with the door unlocked in a bad neighborhood and... you get the point.

Let's turn to the Pinto.

1.) Ford releases Pinto. Let's hope they didn't know it'd blow up.
2.) Ford finds out the Pinto blows up.
3.) The public is educated that Pintos blow up.
4.) Anybody using a Pinto today realizes they're taking their life into their own hands. Or that they should at least ensure they've got all review mirrors aligned properly and one foot always on the gas.

If you're an admin, you've got to be smart enough to know the pratfalls of having live systems. Make backups; use firewalls.

If we determine that garden variety computer users don't yet realize that it's a scary Net out there, how should we educate them? Why not sue DSL and cable modem companies for allowing the stream in or not educating users of home PCs of the Net's dangers?

Sorry. Not a complete rant, but I think you see where I'm going. Step 3.) is obviously running behind. That's where our attention should be going. Until then, unplug the cable modem from your grandmother's box.