I almost got excited reading this quick "review" of Xcode, Apple's "built-in" IDE for Objective C and, at least ostensibly, Java.

Some of the new features sound super. We've got code-completion (finally! A native app with code completion! No more pick your poison with Netbeans or Eclipse!), background compilation, and Rendezvous editing! Super!

Not so fast. Here are some comments at the end of the review:

Thanks for the interesting review.

A couple of questions:
Does code completion work in Java projects ?
Also, is it extensible ?
Is there a documented way to write plug-ins ?

* Code completion in Java
2003-10-25 06:50:10 anonymous [Reply]

The release notes (and my experience) state that code completion does not work in Java. My guess, and hope, is that it will in a future version.
I'm also finding that errors and warnings for my Java project aren't being displayed in either the 'errors and warning' group or the gutter, as described in this article. For Obj-C, it's working, but no dice for Java.

* Code completion in Java
2003-10-28 10:20:39 anonymous [Reply]

I've been using XCode too for Java. Or rather I haven't. Sure would be nice if code completion worked (I know the Java keywords and don't need to be reminded) and errors were shown anywhere at all."

Java is still a second-class citizen on Apple.