Finally, a somewhat worthy open source project maintained by Yours Truly. I've done a number of ArcIMS sites, and have been working on and off (more like "nagging") for nearly three years to get the government entity that funded the code's creation to turn the code loose into the open source world, providing good passive partnerships with anyone who can put the code to good use.

Anyhow, here's the incredibly plain web site for the project:
Open ActiveX ArcIMS Template

Knock yourselves out, if you need "a pre-built, modular, generic, reusable codebase for use with ESRI's ArcIMS version 3+ Internet Mapping Server's ActiveX Connector, created with dhtml, ASP 3, and vbscript for use on Microsoft IIS." It is nice to see code out there to potentially do some good rather than rust (har har) on a server somewhere, benefitting no[programmer]body.