Here's an interesting "Interview with LimeWire COO Greg Bildson [Nov. 14, 2003]":
LR: What about iTunes and What do you think of them?

GB: They're steps in the right direction, but they're still radically overpriced. In the digital age, there's no reason for a song to cost 99 cents; it should be five cents. Another issue is that the Microsoft DRM looks to be too restrictive. Judging by the trend of recent PC pay-per-download sites that all use Microsoft DRM, handing another monopoly to Microsoft doesn't seem like a smart move.

Limewire is possibly the best client-side app written in Java, bar none. Present company excepted. Or not. At any rate, it seems to be a pretty smart bunch of people, though the ad/spy/whateverIcan'tquiteremember-ware that Limewire has now isn't so snazzy. A good read.