Here's some potential good news on the Java IDE "War" front:

'The rap on Java is that it's been too hard for folks, but [so far] nobody's written the right kind of tool,' he said.

Meanwhile, a Sun spokesman said Sun has included the Sun ONE Application Framework, formerly known by the codename JATO, in its Sun Java Studio Standard 5.1, which began shipping at the end of October. 'It allows you to create and use components in a model view controller or pattern-driven development' scheme, the spokesman said.

Java Studio is based on Sun's open-source NetBeans technology.

I'd recently given up on Netbeans, which was holding on by a thread on my Mac box until I upgraded and, for whatever reason that didn't hold true on the old iBook, Eclipse starting running more quickly than Netbeans on every platform I use. I've since started taking another look, as Eclipse's JSP support isn't as nice and straightforward as I'd like.

Anyhow, the new product from Sun sounds interesting, and overlaps with something I was thinking today -- I make some apps in VB simply because the VB6 IDE's design enables me to do so more quickly than I could in Java.