It's somewhat depressing to see someone describing the place of code review like Make this:

Once the tools have made code-checking a relatively simple task, you can make code review a regular activity and not something to be done at the end of a project, when deadlines are already making life miserable.

Hey, if your deadlines are making you so miserable that you can't get in significant code review, and now are using "automated code beautifiers" in place of human ones, your issue isn't code review at all. It's your manager (and likely your manager's manager and your manager's manager's boss and ultimately the CEO, depending on who you ask -- and even the CEO will likely blame stockholders/company owners, etc) that needs the work. Stop patching their inability to do their job by working harder, and get everyone working smarter.

Using tools for review is still better than nothing at all by a long shot, but the description by the author above is a cultural problem, not a technical one.