From the same site that had the Oracle autoincrement info, below. Thought it had a few comments fairly well worded. Doing a lot of command-line work this week, installing a web system onto Tomcat running on Apache running on Solaris, using the Korn shell, and have been enjoying what you can get done without a mouse (so very quickly) when you have to.

Thanks to the Microsoft monopoly, sometimes people get the mistaken idea that since I work on computers, that means I fix PCs running Windows. While I might be able to fix your PC, I rarely use Windows and am by no means an expert in it. I have no patience for deciphering the cryptic meanings of silly icons; we evolved from using pictographs to written language for a reason!

If I'm a geek, you might ask, then why does it look like my boring old web page was designed in the early 1990s? This is why: one person's idea of a really neat-o spiffy web page is another person's eyesore, so I'd rather stick to basic html with plenty of content and leave the useless Flash intros (the modern answer to the 'blink' tag) to others.

Those are two bits that jive with me a touch. Why is a GUI better, at least for getting work done? (One thing does come to mind -- having a cheat sheet for any application right in front of you (ever seen my VIm cheat sheet?)) And fancy web pages usually just mean they aren't going to look the way you intended in two years. Granted, even these pages have a tough time in NS 4.x (colors are off/gone from css), but they do look okay on most any browser -- particularly nice in links, if I do say so myself.

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